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Welcome to The Vex!

Welcome to Vex Mosaic

There was a great movie that came out in the late 90’s called “Contact”. Scientists receive a signal from deep space and at first it seems to be a very basic math-based tone. But when they look at it differently, they discover vast depths of embedded information. A simple shift of perception reveals a wealth of understanding.

That’s a perfect metaphor for the core mission of Vex Mosaic. By refining the signal, we can explore why we love the things we do and, in doing so, change our world.

Refining the Signal

Every day, we’re bombarded by noise.

At the time of this writing, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” has just come out and the internet has exploded with analysis, criticism, and opinions. Everything from the depiction of women in speculative media to the abysmal state of comic book movies in modern cinema is being hashed, dissected, and ranted.

It can be a circus… but if you’re paying attention, there are some real gems to be gleaned from the noise. Thoughtful and compelling commentary is being offered that is actually helping to articulate both our delight and frustration with the movie. They aren’t raising the volume. They’re refining the signal, replacing emotional responses with clarity of thought and perception.

That’s the goal of Vex Mosaic… to refine the signal.

Each week, you’ll be treated to the insights of scholars and artists, producers and writers, creators from around the world sharing the revelations and inspirations that have caught their imagination. The perceptions you find here will be unique, even challenging. But it’s also a rare opportunity to explore new ways to engage and appreciate the art and stories that inspire us.

Discovering Why

For some people, liking something isn’t enough. We are compelled to understand WHY we’re drawn to the things that capture our imagination. Exploring the reasons why we find something appealing is an inner journey, an exploration not of the object of our attention, but the mental and emotional matrix that defines our perceptions of the world.

That can be scary. It’s not for the faint of heart… and neither is Vex Mosaic. Some of the ideas presented here will challenge convictions and invite us to re-define some aspect of our world. Agreement isn’t the goal here. We’re not looking for homogenized conformity. Instead, readers will have the opportunity to assess some new and potentially challenging paradigms. That is an act of courage and self-reflection that can lead to startling new insights, both about us and our world.

Change Your Mind, Change Your World

The world is only as big as we allow ourselves to see. In essence, perception defines reality, so if we see more, open ourselves to new ideas, explore new perceptions, then our world gets bigger. Deeper. Richer.

Speculative fiction is, at its core, about redefining reality. Whether your particular passion is comic books, video games, film, or literature – or (more likely) some combination thereof – you’re indulging in a virtual reality simulation, trying on different worlds or races or cultures to see if they fit.

That’s why the essays on Vex Mosaic use speculative media as the lens through which the world is examined. The best Speculative Fiction, like all art, reflects the culture that inspires it. So by exploring the nuances of speculative media we are exploring ourselves and our society.

The intent is not to affirm the world it is, but to acknowledge the limitation of personal awareness, push against it… and change the world.

You and The Vex

This is just the first step of what will hopefully be a long and intriguing journey. For those of you adventurous types who are already rubbing your hands together in anticipation, there are a number of ways get into the game:


This isn’t a broadcast, it’s a dialog. We’re weaving a tapestry here and the essays are just a single thread of the weave. Your insights and opinions are vital to expanding the discussion and providing context for the ideas presented

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