Tuesday, August 22, 2017

“Crazy Connection” contest at Balticon

Vex Mosaic announces its first live event: a contest of ideas, the weirder and more passionate the better! “Crazy Connections” will allow writers, weirdos, and other fans of speculative media to present their own theories which would be rejected out of hand by normal outlets.

Presenters will deliver a 300-400 word summary of their idea live at Balticon (Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore) as part of Vex Mosaic’s “The Bigger Picture” podcast. The winner will have their expanded idea published on the Vex at our normal pay level. Second and third place will win Amazon gift cards.

In order to be part of the live show, contestants must submit their idea to http://www.vexmosaic.com/submission-guidelines/ Enter the title and put the full text of the connection in the “Core Statement/Argument” line. Contestants must be able to either present at Balticon or have a surrogate there to take their place.

So what is a crazy connection? Things like fan theories, controversial ideas, or any “a ha” moment which could excite an audience. Examples are:

  • The weird connections made in “The Shining: Room 237.” These may sound insane, but give us interesting insights into the film.
  • The Pixar fan theory that all their movies take place in the same world.
  • Something from a Facebook friend: Abel was a Neanderthal, thus Cain had to destroy him.

Entries are due May 15, 2017. Presenters will be informed by e-mail one week before the convention.

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