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Dave Robison
Editor-in-Chief - Vex Mosaic
In addition to his editorial duties at Vex Mosaic, Dave is the Managing Director of Wonderthing Studios, a production company that manages The Roundtable Podcast (a weekly podcast Dave hosts featuring brainstorming sessions between writers and veteran authors), the Shattered Worlds collaborative storyverse, and high-quality audio production and vocal performance (audiobooks, educational videos, promotional spots).
Alasdair Stuart
Man of Words

Alasdair has worked as a journalist in genre criticism for a decade. In that time his work has appeared in newspapers like The Guardian, magazines like Neo, SciFi Now, Total Film and DeathRay and websites like Bleeding Cool, SF Bulletin and Film Divider. He's also been the host of Pseudopod, the weekly horror podcast for eight years.

In addition, Alasdair is a professional RPG writer, specializing in module design. The 6th Doctor Sourcebook for the official Doctor Who RPG written by him was released last year and the 10th Doctor book, also by him, is due at the end of 2016. He's also worked for game lines like Victoriana, Spark and All Flesh Must Be Eaten.

Bringing a deep academic understanding of narrative and thematic resonance to the table, along with a profound love for almost all pop culture, Alasdair is a fierce advocate for the best that the field can offer. He blogs (not enough) and tweets (too much) at the addresses above about pop culture, comics in particular and his deep love of cooking.

Eduardo Frajman
Eduardo Frajman grew up in San José, Costa Rica. He graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and received a PhD in political science from the University of Maryland, College Park. He writes mostly about Latin American politics and culture, but is also interested in the political and philosophical implications of science fiction and fantasy. His essays and short stories have appeared in Electric Literature, Tincture, The Point, and numerous other publications. He teaches philosophy and humanities at Oakton Community College and lives in Evanston, IL.
Aaron Emmel
Aaron Emmel writes fiction of all kinds, but he has a penchant for time travel and flying robots. He also edits books and magazines, and is the author of comic books, a graphic novel, and dozens of articles on art, music, literature, and foreign affairs. His interactive science fiction gamebook The Midnight Legion: Operation Deep Sleep was published earlier this year.
Professor of Awesomeness

K. A. Laity is the award-winning author of Dream Book, White Rabbit, A Cut-Throat Business, Lush Situation, Owl Stretching, Unquiet Dreams, À la Mort Subite, The Claddagh Icon, Chastity Flame, and Pelzmantel, as well as editor of Weird Noir, Noir Carnival and Drag Noir (she also writes under other names).

Her bibliography is chock full of short stories, humor pieces, plays and essays, both scholarly and popular. She spent the 2011-2012 academic year in Galway, Ireland where she was a Fulbright Fellow in digital humanities at NUIG.

Dr. Laity teaches medieval literature, film, gender studies, social media and popular culture at the College of Saint Rose. She divides her time between upstate New York and Dundee.

Sharif Shakshir
Sharif Shakhshir is an animation writer who is breaking into the industry with his master's degree in professional writing from the University of Southern California. He writes for the page, screen, and stage. He gives talks at conventions about the art of writing in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. His favorite animal is the unicorn.
S.J. Tucker
S. J. Tucker, self-motivated singer-songwriter, poet, and writer, came flying out of the Memphis music scene in 2004, guitar in hand and voice at the ready, and her feet have hardly hit the ground since. With a siren’s voice and gale-force lyrical storytelling and style, she deftly binds together the varied elements of jazz, folk, and fairytales. No two of her concerts are the same, but S. J.'s skill, stage presence and desire for connection with her audience consistently shine through. Listeners and critics compare her guitar work to that of Emily Saliers, her vocal delivery to KT Tunstall and Joni Mitchell. The body of her recorded work spans more than twelve years and features frequent guest performances by Heather Dale, Betsy Tinney, Ben Deschamps, Alexander James Adams, and Renee Janski. S. J. often travels solo, but also shares concerts with her 3-piece band Tricky Pixie, Toronto’s Heather Dale Band, or Seattle’s Dogwood & Johnstone. When she isn’t traveling the planet singing songs, she shares a home with a very handsome wizard and three equally handsome cats, in a thoroughly enchanted forest, at the feet of the Arkansas Ozarks. Listen for free and join the fan family at
John Peters
John Peters has had essays published in Front Porch Journal and Headstuff. For many years writing has been a mainstay of his existence, but he has only relatively recently worked assiduously to get published. John is interested in creating new stories for humanity that contrast with the stories that we are used to and believe. His goal is not so much that readers adopt different stories to live by, but that they understand their own stories differently. He grew up just outside Nashville Tennessee. He now lives near Boston with one wife and two cats.
Brian Baer
Brian C. Baer is a pop culture writer from Spokane, Washington. He is the author of one novel, Bad Publicity, and How He-Man Mastered the Universe: Toy to Television to the Big Screen, available from McFarland Books in early 2017. Follow him on Twitter @BrianCBaer.
Paul E. Cooley
Weaver of Unhappy Endings

A writer, podcaster, and software architect from Houston, Texas, Paul Elard Cooley has been writing since the age of 12. In 2009, he began producing free psychological thriller and horror podcasts, essays, and reviews available from and iTunes.

His stories have been listened to by thousands and he has been a guest on such notable podcasts as Podioracket, John Mierau's "Podcast Teardown," Geek Out with Mainframe, Shadowcast Audio, and Vertigo Radio Live. In 2010, his short story Canvas and novella Tattoo were nominated for Parsec Awards. Tattoo became a Parsec Award finalist. He has collaborated with New York Times Bestselling author Scott Sigler on the series "The Crypt" and co-wrote the novella "The Rider" (projected release in 2015).

In addition to his writing, Paul has contributed his voice talents to a number of podiofiction productions. His best-selling novel, The Black, was released in 2014. The next novel in the series, The Black: Arrival, will be released on May 22nd, 2015. He is a co-host on the renowned Dead Robots' Society writing podcast and enjoys interacting with readers and other writers.

For more information about current and upcoming projects, please visit

Starla Huchton
Weaver of Stories

A geek of all trades, Starla Huchton has been crafting stories in various genres since 2007. She is a three-time finalist for Parsec Awards for her podcast fiction work, and was the first place winner for Science Fiction & Fantasy in the Sandy competition in 2012. Her work spans Science Fiction, Fantasy, New Adult Romance, Young Adult titles, Steampunk, Contemporary, and various other varieties of stories. She is greedy and likes all the genres!

When not writing, Starla trains three Minions, a black lab, and a military husband whilst designing book covers for independent authors and publishers at For more information on her written work, please visit

Kevin Moreau
Kevin Forest Moreau has written about music, comics and pop culture for publications including Creative Loafing, Gambit Weekly, HARP, PASTE magazine, and others. He is co-host of The Comics Canon, a podcast that reviews and renders judgment on the great comic-book stories of yesterday and today. His previous credits include stints as editor-in-chief of Atlanta weekly The Sunday Paper; national music editor for; and editor-in-chief of the pop-culture website Shaking Through. He also served as a writing consultant for the 2006 VH1 Rock Honors telecast, and authored the 2000 and 2002 editions of New Orleans for Dummies. He lives in Atlanta.
Timothy Niederriter
Tim Niederriter studied English Literature in college. Before and after and during that he wrote fiction. He has been a ghostwriter in addition to his own work. Tim is a reluctant world traveler, having visited India, Australia, and Malaysia at different times, yet he always ends up back in the midwestern corn-country USA. Today he is an independent author with works available on Amazon and other online booksellers.
James L. Sutter
Keeper of the Death Ray

James Lafond Sutter is the Executive Editor for Paizo Publishing and a co-creator of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. He is the author of the novels Death's Heretic and The Redemption Engine, the former of which was ranked #3 on Barnes & Noble's list of the Best Fantasy Releases of 2011, as well as a finalist for both the Compton Crook Award for Best First Novel and a 2013 Origins Award. He's written numerous short stories for such publications as Escape Pod, PodCastle, Shattered Shields, Apex Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and the #1 Amazon best-seller Machine of Death. His anthology Before They Were Giants pairs the first published short stories of science fiction and fantasy luminaries with new interviews and writing advice from the authors themselves. In addition, he's published a wealth of award-winning gaming material for both Dungeons & Dragons and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

When not writing or editing, James has performed extensively with various bands and other musical projects ranging from punk and progressive metalcore to folk and musical theater. James lives in Seattle with his wife, a gaggle of roommates, and a fully functional death ray.

Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Silvia Moreno-Garcia is the critically-acclaimed author of Signal to Noise—winner of a Copper Cylinder Award, finalist of the British Fantasy, Locus, Sunburst and Aurora awards—and Certain Dark Things, selected as one of NPR’s best books of 2016. She won a World Fantasy Award for her work as an editor.
Lisa Samuels
Lisa-Anne Samuels is a writer and wanderer at heart. Growing up in a military family and moving every few years before the Internet made it difficult to keep friends once the boxes were packed, so books and stories took that role until the Samuels family settled down. Well, her parents did anyway. Lisa-Anne kept moving. As of now she has lived in 17 different cities, at least five of those more than once. Currently she is letting the moss grow beneath her feet, quite literally since she lives in a suburban forest with her husband, child, and a very red, amazingly friendly dog.
Zig Zag Claybourne
Poet, Visionary, Funkmeister
Zig Zag Claybourne is the author of Historical Inaccuracies, Neon Lights, By All Our Violent Guides and the upcoming adventure fantasy The Brothers Jetstream: Leviathan. He is on a mission for world literary domination or supple book groupies, and has a decided preference on over the other.
Evelyn Deshane
Evelyn Deshane has appeared in Plenitude Magazine, Briarpatch Magazine, and Bitch Magazine. Evelyn (pron. Eve-a-lyn) received an MA from Trent University and is currently completing a PhD Waterloo University. Their most recent project #Trans is an edited collection about transgender and nonbinary identity online. Follow @evelyndeshane for more info.
J. Daniel Sawyer
Evil Genius

WHILE STAR WARS and STAR TREK seeded J. Daniel Sawyer's passion for the unknown, his childhood in academia gave him a deep love of history and an obsession with how the future emerges from the past.

This obsession led him through adventures in the film industry, the music industry, venture capital firms in the startup culture of Silicon Valley, and a career creating novels and audiobooks exploring the worlds that assemble themselves in his head.

His travels with bohemians, burners, historians, theologians, and inventors led him eventually to a rural exile where he uses the quiet to write, walk on the beach, and manage a production company that brings innovative stories to the ears of audiences across the world.

Charles Harned
Charles Harned is a graduate of Clemson University. He is the recipient of the 2016 Southeastern Writer’s Association Summer Workshop Scholarship. In addition to writing about important social issues, he writes thriller and mystery fiction.
James Silverstein
James Silverstein was born and grew up just outside of Chicago and has been writing fiction since the age of 9, the day he was given his first typewriter (and ‘Dragonman’, the draconic superhero was born!). He has been involved in theater from the same age, including some professional Shakespeare in the 90’s and has since does community theater, recently playing Bottom in Midsummer Night’s Dream. James has written for various role playing games, including 7th Sea, Stargate, and, most recently, Cairn. He is currently working on a spate of novels, audio dramas, and gaming projects over at Onder Librum, and one day hopes to both inspire other creative-types to bring out awesomeness, and become the sole monarch of Mercury!
Matt Wallace
Screenwriter, Author, Man of Letters

Matt Wallace is the author of The Next Fix, The Failed Cities, and multiple novella series including Slingers and A Sin du Jour Affair. He’s also penned over one hundred short stories, a few of which have won awards and been nominated for others, in addition to writing for film and television. In his youth he traveled the world as a professional wrestler and unarmed combat and self-defense instructor before retiring to write full-time.

He now resides in Los Angeles with the love of his life, Nikki.

Riley James Keith
Denise Lhamon, writing and drawing under the name Riley James Keith, spends her time as a secretary and a college student deep in the heart of the American Southwest. She spends her time between art classes to catch up on her homework and re-watch Star Trek: The Original Series. When she’s not too busy, she writes books and draws pretty pictures. When she must venture out into the world, you can find her walking her dog or playing Magic: The Gathering. She hopes to one day channel her love of writing and storyboards into a comic book career and possibly move from The Original Series to The Next Generation. But let’s not get our hopes up.
Emily Veinglory
Emily Veinglory is an author of fantasy and gay romance fiction including the novels 'Father of Dragons' and 'Broken Sword'. She is a part poet, illustrator, stock photographer, and full time neurotic. She was born and raised in New Zealand and now lives in Chicago with four goldfish and a greyhound. You can learn more at
A.F. Grappin
A. F. Grappin lives in Tennessee, but not on purpose. Twice monthly, A. F. hosts The Melting Potcast, a writing variety show. A. F. also runs and makes chainmail as The Chain Nerd. A. F. has appeared as a guest or had written works performed on The Roundtable Podcast, The Voice of Free Planet X, The Way of the Buffalo Podcast, MedusPod, Every Photo Tells, Supervillain Corner, The Metamor City Podcast, and the Wood Haven audio drama. Authorial releases include the novels Empeddigo and Mere Acquaintances, epic poem The Trials of Hallac, and forthcoming novels Starsigns and Criminal from Birth. Short story credits include "A New Man" in the anthology Coming Together: Outside the Box and "Sexecuted" in the Gable Heights anthology.