Saturday, December 16, 2017

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James Silverstein
James Silverstein was born and grew up just outside of Chicago and has been writing fiction since the age of 9, the day he was given his first typewriter (and ‘Dragonman’, the draconic superhero was born!). He has been involved in theater from the same age, including some professional Shakespeare in the 90’s and has since does community theater, recently playing Bottom in Midsummer Night’s Dream. James has written for various role playing games, including 7th Sea, Stargate, and, most recently, Cairn. He is currently working on a spate of novels, audio dramas, and gaming projects over at Onder Librum, and one day hopes to both inspire other creative-types to bring out awesomeness, and become the sole monarch of Mercury!

The Trickster Is Never Who You Think He Is Loki. The green-garbed, golden-horned Asgardian in the Marvel movies. The antagonist in various of the Marvelverse tales. He’s charismatic. He’s wicked. ...