Friday, December 15, 2017

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Alasdair Stuart
Man of Words

Alasdair has worked as a journalist in genre criticism for a decade. In that time his work has appeared in newspapers like The Guardian, magazines like Neo, SciFi Now, Total Film and DeathRay and websites like Bleeding Cool, SF Bulletin and Film Divider. He's also been the host of Pseudopod, the weekly horror podcast for eight years.

In addition, Alasdair is a professional RPG writer, specializing in module design. The 6th Doctor Sourcebook for the official Doctor Who RPG written by him was released last year and the 10th Doctor book, also by him, is due at the end of 2016. He's also worked for game lines like Victoriana, Spark and All Flesh Must Be Eaten.

Bringing a deep academic understanding of narrative and thematic resonance to the table, along with a profound love for almost all pop culture, Alasdair is a fierce advocate for the best that the field can offer. He blogs (not enough) and tweets (too much) at the addresses above about pop culture, comics in particular and his deep love of cooking.

We finished watching Daredevil Season 1 a couple of days ago. As mission statements go, it’s a pretty extraordinary 13 hours of TV. This is not the Marvel Universe we’ve ...

Ten years ago, Doctor Who returned to the screen. It seems oddly fitting that the time has flown by. In that decade, we’ve seen four new Doctors, each of which ...

There’s a lot of stuff going on in Age of Ultron. You get Tony Stark being handed his first legitimate post-Iron Man mistake, a welcome look at how the Avengers ...