Friday, February 23, 2018

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A.F. Grappin
A. F. Grappin lives in Tennessee, but not on purpose. Twice monthly, A. F. hosts The Melting Potcast, a writing variety show. A. F. also runs and makes chainmail as The Chain Nerd. A. F. has appeared as a guest or had written works performed on The Roundtable Podcast, The Voice of Free Planet X, The Way of the Buffalo Podcast, MedusPod, Every Photo Tells, Supervillain Corner, The Metamor City Podcast, and the Wood Haven audio drama. Authorial releases include the novels Empeddigo and Mere Acquaintances, epic poem The Trials of Hallac, and forthcoming novels Starsigns and Criminal from Birth. Short story credits include "A New Man" in the anthology Coming Together: Outside the Box and "Sexecuted" in the Gable Heights anthology.

It’s hard being human and dealing with gender issues, whether in your personal life or in media. And that’s to say nothing for gender equality/representation. Look at the Bechdel test. ...