Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Artificial Intelligence

  • In 3-1 vote, LA Police Commission approves drones for LAPD
    Enlarge (credit: Peter Linehan / Flickr) The Los Angeles Police Department, one of the nation’s largest municipal police forces, approved a one-year pilot program for drones—making it the largest city in the nation to undertake such an evaluation. According to the Los Angeles Times, the LA Police Commission approved a set of policies that limits "their use to a handful of tactical situations, searches or natural disasters." Each drone flight must also be ... Read more...
    Source: Ars Technica – AIPublished on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017By Cyrus Farivar
  • After Drone Hits Plane in Canada, New Fears About Air Safety
    Pilots are filing reports of drones flying too high on a weekly, almost daily basis, despite new rules and fines. ... Read more...
    Source: NY Times – Technology – AIPublished on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017By CHRISTINA CARON
  • Flexible ‘skin’ can help robots, prosthetics perform everyday tasks by sensing shear force
    Engineers have developed a flexible sensor 'skin' that can be stretched over any part of a robot's body or prosthetic to accurately convey information about shear forces and vibration, which are critical to tasks ranging from cooking an egg to dismantling a bomb. ... Read more...
    Source: Science Daily – ComputersPublished on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017
  • What Happens When Robots Act Just Like Humans
    Hiroshi Ishi­guro builds androids. Beautiful, realistic, uncannily convincing human replicas. His quest? Untangle the ineffable nature of human connection. ... Read more...
    Source: Wired – Science – AIPublished on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017
  • Virtual Therapists Help Veterans Open Up About PTSD
    An artificially intelligent therapist named Ellie helps members of the military open up about their mental health. ... Read more...
    Source: Wired – Science – AIPublished on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017By Robbie Gonzalez
  • Defibrillator Drones Aim to Respond in 911 Calls
    Delivery drones carrying defibrillators could begin swooping in to save American victims of cardiac arrest starting in 2018. A new partnership between a delivery drone startup and an emergency medical services provider aims to dispatch defibrillator drones ahead of ambulances in response to 911 calls made in northern Nevada. Using drones to deliver life-saving automatic external defibrillators for restarting victims' hearts could have a huge impact. Cardiac arrest represents the leading c ... Read more...
    Source: Discovery – Technology – AIPublished on Monday, October 16th, 2017
  • Automation will affect one in five jobs across the UK, says study
    Workers in shadow chancellor John McDonnell’s constituency face highest risk of being replaced by robots, says researchWorkers in the constituency of shadow chancellor John McDonnell are at the highest risk of seeing their jobs automated in the looming workplace revolution that will affect at least one in five employees in all parliamentary seats, according to new research.The thinktank Future Advocacy – which specialises in looking at the big 21st century policy changes – said at ... Read more...
    Source: Guardian: RoboticsPublished on Monday, October 16th, 2017By Larry Elliott, Economics editor
  • Social media bots threaten democracy. But we are not helpless | Samuel Woolley and Marina Gorbis
    Ever-more sophisticated Facebook and Twitter bots can sway political opinions. We have the technology to counter this – we need the will to use itCan social bots – pieces of software that perform automated tasks – influence humans on social media platforms? That’s a question congressional investigators are asking social media companies ever since fears emerged that they were deployed in 2016 to influence the presidential election.Half a decade ago we were among a handful ... Read more...
    Source: Guardian: RoboticsPublished on Monday, October 16th, 2017By Samuel Woolley and Marina Gorbis
  • Meet Pepper the robot – Southend’s newest social care recruit
    Humanoid robot can read emotions, play memory games, send emails and show videos Pepper, the newest recruit to the people team at Southend-on-Sea borough council, has many of the skills and characteristics of a model social care employee. He perceives emotions and adapts his behaviour accordingly, and he can memorise personality traits. He can also speak 12 different languages, dance to Gangnam Style and does a mean impression of R2D2. But Pepper’s not like any ... Read more...
    Source: Guardian: RoboticsPublished on Monday, October 16th, 2017By Katherine Purvis
  • Could AI Be the Future of Fake News and Product Reviews?
    An experiment using a computer algorithm to create deceptive Yelp reviews was disturbingly successful, and could point to bigger problems as artificial intelligence matures -- Read more on ... Read more...
    Source: Scientific American – AIPublished on Monday, October 16th, 2017By Larry Greenemeier
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