Friday, December 15, 2017

About The Vex

Good Speculative Fiction transforms “what is” into “what could be”.

It vexes, disturbs, and inspires us, becoming a catalyst for new ways of thinking
that expand our awareness and subvert the status quo.

We want to amplify that discussion.

Vision and Mission

VEX MOSAIC is a monthly review of essays, treatises, and explorations into the thematic pulse that drives contemporary speculative fiction. Our writers use today’s speculative media as a flash point for commentary, exploring the nature of culture, society, and the human condition.

VEX MOSAIC will format and produce these essays across all digital mediums – e-text, audio, and video – delivering them to our audience through our website, Patreon feed, podcast feed, e-book, and YouTube Channel.

By providing a convenient and accessible touchstone for thoughtful discourse, we will:

  1. Foster a spirit of curiosity, discovery, and exploration, and
  2. Affirm the cultural, emotional, and intellectual connections that unify us

Our Readers

VEX MOSAIC speaks to educated geeks from around the world and every walk of life who seek the larger world beyond the movie, book, or game. It strives to expand the passion of the geek into an understanding of how these media events are connected to our culture.

By illustrating the connection between some aspect of geek culture and its resonance in the larger mosaic of society, we affirm our connection to a larger community, provide an intellectual framework of discussion and understanding, and are empowered to think for ourselves.

Check out the Vex Mosaic Project Brief for a complete picture of the Vex Mosaic plan.